5 Ways to Winterize Your Home in Austin  

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There is a common myth that you can escape the harshness of winter simply by moving to south Texas. Most of the time, you can expect to enjoy mild winters, but periods of bitter cold and moisture is not out of the realm of possibility.   

Any Texan who lived through the 2021 electric grid blackout can tell you that being prepared when the temperature drops are critical to survival. If the power goes out in your home, you start to lose heat immediately, and the environmental conditions outside determine how quickly the heat escapes.   

Since 2007, HeatBusters have been Austin’s go-to guys for all things insulation. They have experience in properly winterizing your home to ensure you are keeping the cold outside where it belongs.   

Let’s look at five ways to keep your home warm during the winter!  

Proper Insulation  

There is a misconception that having proper insulation only helps keep your house cool during the summer. Poorly insulated homes can also have a negative effect during the winter, and the inside heat will escape from every crook and cranny. Innovations (such as radiant barriers and blow-in insulation) make it easier and more economical than ever to make your home more energy efficient. This will not only help you battle the elements, but it will also help you save over half on your monthly utility bills.   


Generators can vary in size and cost, so the type you need depends on several factors. The size of your home, the intended purpose, and capacity should all factor into the generator you purchase for your home. Ensure your generator pushes out at least 20,000 watts for maximum benefit.  

Space Heaters  

There are many portable heaters on the market, such as battery, propane, or kerosene-powered models. Gas-powered stoves or fireplaces can also generate a good source of heat. Of course, any time you heat your home with these sources, you need to ensure you are using proper ventilation and electrical outlets and keeping them in sight.   

Heat Concentration  

Some of the easiest ways to keep the heat in your home involve spending no money at all. You can use blankets and towels to cover the windows and door leaks, close doors to the areas in your home you are not using, and gather all your family into one room. These steps force the heat into a central location in the house and help everyone stay warm for a little longer.   


Retaining body heat should be made a top priority after losing power. Layering your clothing is a great way to moderate body heat without overheating. Start with a layer of long johns or thermal pajamas, and add a few layers. Remember to cover the top of your head, where you lose the most heat from your body!  

In addition to the tips provided, it is vital to ensure that your family stays safe during a prolonged power outage. Avoid opening doors to the outdoors unless necessary and contact your local first responders if you need immediate medical assistance.   

If you need additional information on winterizing your home or want an estimate on upgrading your insulation, contact The HeatBusters today!