Understanding How Reflective Insulation Works

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Central Texas is known for its heat. With the high energy bills in the summer, it isn’t always the cheapest option to average out your payments. Eventually, you’ll find yourself researching other ways to keep your home cool. Insulation always comes to mind. 

When you’re researching insulation, you’ll come across reflective insulation quite a bit, but does it really work?  

What Is Radiant Barrier Insulation?  

Radiant barrier insulation is a thin, lightweight plastic material that reflects heat radiation. It’s used between your roof and attic to help keep heat from escaping through the ceiling. It’s also used in walls and crawl spaces to keep cool air out and retain heat inside the home. 

When the reflective insulation is placed in roof attics, it reduces the amount of heat that escapes through the roof. That helps lower your energy bill by minimizing your use of HVAC. It also reduces wear and tears on these systems over time because you don’t have to run them as much. 

Instead of air escaping through the roof, it stays inside the home. That can make a huge difference in your energy bill and your overall comfort.  

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How Does Reflective Insulation Work?  

Reflective insulation contains several different layers. The first layer is a cotton fabric backing that gives the product structure and durability and reduces the amount of dust that accumulates on the reflective plastic surface.  

The second layer is a mirrored film that reflects heat away from the attic, wall, or crawl space. The third and final layer is aluminum foil. It is very thin, lightweight, and flexible to allow for easy installation around obstacles such as pipes and vents. 

What Are Some Benefits of Reflective Insulation?  

Helps Reduce Energy Costs in Texas Homes 

Using radiant barrier insulation helps you keep your home comfortable while reducing energy costs. That’s because this type of insulation helps control heat build-up. It also reduces energy losses through the roof and walls. The result is that radiant barrier insulation can help you save a significant amount of money on your utility bills over time. 

Reduces Wear and Tear on Your HVAC 

Radiant barrier insulation strengthens your home against temperature swings. It helps keep your home more stable and your heating and cooling systems from working as hard. As a result, you can extend the life of these expensive systems. 

Helps Control Temperature in Your Home 

Radiant barrier insulation helps regulate the temperature in your home by preventing air from escaping and from coming in. This gives you more consistent temperatures throughout your home. If you’ve noticed there are pockets in your home warmer than others, radiant barrier insulation might be a good fit for you. 

Strengthens Your Roof, Walls, and Floors 

The goal of reflective insulation is to protect your home from air and moisture infiltration. That makes radiant barrier insulation a fantastic way to keep your roof, walls, and floors strong and reduce the risk of damage from things like water damage. A strong structure protects your home’s overall value. 

Protects Against Air Infiltration  

Air infiltration can be a big problem in older homes that aren’t well-insulated or aren’t well-sealed. It can cause serious problems like mold and mildew. And it can cause your entire home to dry out. This makes radiant barrier insulation a great way to prevent these problems while improving your home’s overall health. 

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How Can HeatBusters Help? 

While you may be tempted to DIY the job, an experienced Central Texas radiant barrier contractor can handle the job with the right equipment and have it done within a day. We offer friendly service and we’ll even pet your dog when we come in.  

Get your free estimate today and start saving.