Foiling High Energy Bills

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Lower Your Bills And Live More Comfortably.

Our customer Alice’s energy usage dropped by almost 50% once we installed additional insulation and our radiant barrier in her attic.

We completed our installation on a Tuesday. As you can see, beginning on Wednesday and for the remainder of the week, the amount of energy produced averaged about the same, but her energy usage dropped significantly.

Check out her solar panel energy usage report.

Her results were immediate!


  • Lower Energy Bills
  • More Comfortable Home

How Radiant
Barrier Works

Radiant barrier is unique form of insulation for any residential home or commercial business. Radiant barrier is installed in buildings to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss, significantly reducing energy use. It is recognized by the EPA as a heat shield that will block out at least 90% of radiant heat.

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Home blown-in insulation will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving you money and keep you and your family comfortable all year round.

Attic Ventilation

Your attic doesn’t have the same air conditioning venting the rest of your house does, making it a big pocket of hot air in the summer months – sitting right on top of your home. Attic ventilation is a simple, affordable way to vent that heat out of your attic, keeping your whole home cooler.

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