Enhanced Home Comfort with Radiant Barrier Insulation with HeatBusters

The client, a homeowner residing in Texas, a state known for its scorching summer temperatures, experienced unbearable heat in their attic. 

With daily attic temperatures exceeding 130 degrees Fahrenheit, the client sought a solution to reduce the heat load and improve their home’s energy efficiency. 

Here’s the Issue

The primary challenge was the attic’s extreme heat, reaching temperatures of over 130 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. This excessive heat not only made the attic space unusable but also contributed to higher indoor temperatures, increasing the reliance on air conditioning, and leading to elevated energy bills. 

Reducing high energy consumption.

Enhancing home comfort by minimizing extremely high temperatures.

Explore cost-effective insulation.

How Did We Solve This?

The Heat Busters recommended the installation of a radiant barrier in the client’s attic. Radiant barriers are designed to reflect radiant heat away from the attic space, thereby reducing the amount of heat that enters the home. The installation process was carried out in a single day, ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s daily routine. 

  • Day 1: The installation team from The Heat Busters began the process by assessing the attic space and preparing it for a radiant barrier installation. 
  • Installation: The radiant barrier was meticulously installed inside the attic. The team ensured that the barrier was securely fixed and covered all necessary areas to maximize heat reflection.  


The impact of the radiant barrier was immediate and substantial. The client provided the following feedback after just one day of the radiant barrier installation: 

Temperature Reduction:

  • Before installation, attic temperatures soared to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • After the installation, the highest attic temperature recorded was 110 degrees Fahrenheit—a reduction of over 20 degrees. 

Temperature Timeline:

  • Pre-installation: The attic temperature reached 125 degrees by 1 PM and continued to rise. 
  • Post-installation: The attic temperature did not reach 110 degrees until 4 PM, after which it began to decrease. 

Ambient Temperature Comparison:

  • On a day when the outside temperature was 105 degrees, the attic temperature was only 5 degrees higher, demonstrating the effectiveness of the radiant barrier. 

The successful installation of the radiant barrier by The Heat Busters resulted in a significant reduction in attic temperatures, improving the overall comfort of the client’s home and enhancing energy efficiency. 

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