We Got an Insulation Vacuum!

The HeatBusters has purchased a brand new, 16 HP engine, insulation vacuum!
As exciting as this may sound to you (wink, wink), we are super excited about it and you should be too. Here's why!

austin insulation

Lower pricing for insulation removal!

✓ Quicker removal process!

✓ Extremely thorough removal of insulation, including deodorizing and sanitizing of attic space once complete!

✓ Disposal of old insulation!

How it Works

First, we remove all old insulation and trash in your attic (this includes dead mice, insects, debris, etc)


 Then we disinfect the attic. We will seal up any air leaks and all duct work with mastic and all air/plumbing protrusions in the attic, including electrical boxes, canned lights (additional price for canned light cover) and wall plates.


Then, we blow in new insulation.

Austin Insulation
Austin Insulation
Austin Insulation

Why It's Important?

Dead rodents and other toxic debris can be harmful if left in your attic. Not to mention old/deteriorated insulation has been proven to make homes/buildings dustier. Wet insulation from water damage (roof leaks) can also breed mold which is also very harmful.


Removal of this old toxic insulation and debris, along with our duct sealing (which can only be 100% effectively done when there's zero insulation) can dramatically improve your situation.

Our Vacuum Insulation Removal Includes:

  Full attic inspection.

  Add baffles or replace old baffles with new baffles at the soffit vent to optimize fresh air intake.

  Deodorizing and sanitizing your attic before installing new insulation. We us Natures Choice Deodorizer.

  Inspecting and sealing duct work.