Radiant Barrier installation

There are two methods of installing Radiant Barrier, Lay-over and Staple-up. The HeatBusters know that in Texas the greatest efficiency is gained by employing the Staple-up method. Below is a brief discussion of each.

Lay Over

The Lay-over installation is good for people that do not use their attic for any storage. The Radiant Barrier is simply laid on top of the existing insulation and tacked down in specific areas to prevent any type of movement. Think of it like a blanket for your attic. This application works very well in older homes that do not have the HVAC unit or duct work in the attic.


Dust accumulation does have a negative impact on radiant barrier effectiveness over time as noted here in the Radiant Barrier Fact Sheet from Oak Ridge National Laboratories.


The Staple-up installation is perfect for those who use their attic for storage and/or have the HVAC unit and duct work in the attic. Stapled up against the roof rafters, tightly and visually appealing leaving the attic space completely available and protected. The Radiant Barrier installed by The HeatBusters is a tough material that is not easily punctured or torn, so no worries when you are storing those Christmas decorations! Dust accumulation is not a concern with the Staple-up application.