Radiant Barrier

In order to carry the name ‘Radiant Barrier’ the EPA has established guidelines and sets the standard that the insulator must reflect at least 90% of radiant heat. The Radiant Barrier that The HeatBusters carries blocks 97%!


Check out this link to see the governmental fact sheet about Radiant Barrier.

You can also check out this third party source - to see why they suggest radiant barrier.

Radiant Barrier has been tested by qualified independent laboratories as well as the EPA. The Florida Solar Energy Center at Cape Canaveral has tested radiant barriers in both small scale laboratory and full scale building models. Their results indicate that radiation barriers provide significant resistance to heat transfer. Current tests conducted by the Tennessee Valley Authority, Oak Ridge Laboratories in Tennessee, and the University of Mississippi support the findings of the Florida Solar Energy Center. Northeastern Illinois University conducted winter tests in residential and commercial structures using infra-red thermograph photography. The photos showed significant resistance to heat transfer over the regular insulation.


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