This Year Avoid The Texas Freeze

Are you concerned about another blustery winter in Texas?  Is your house ready for another bitterly cold winter?


The Famers Almanac is calling for another very cold winter.


Radiant barrier holds heat in the home during the winter. When radiant barrier and added insulation is installed frost will not melt off of a roof as quickly. Adding radiant barrier along with adding insulation will be a big warm blanket for your home.


Don’t put insulating your home off till next summer, insulate now and be ready for the freezing temps.


House with radiant barrier and insulation-frost on roof.


House with no radiant barrier and little insulation. Heat has escaped the home, melting the frost. Notice the edges of the house, at the eaves, no heat coming from this area, so the frost has not melted there.

*Disclaimer, we are not plumbers. However, we suggest that homeowners insulate water pipes that run in the attic space, be it pipe insulation or blown insulation on top of the pipes.