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Fiberglass & Cellulose Insulation

We also install insulation for new homes, remodels or just add to existing insulation by blow in or lay in.

The Heat Busters can install any insulation needed into any type of home or business. Fiberglass, cellulose or rock wool, blow-in or lay-in. We have the experience in finding the best ways to get your home or business as insulated as possible by maximizing your desired temperature/money saving ratio.
Adding insulation to the attic is relatively easy and very cost effective. To find out if you have enough attic insulation, measure the thickness of the insulation. If it is less than R-22 (7 inches of fiber glass or rock wool or 6 inches of cellulose), you could probably benefit by adding more. Most U.S. homes should have between R-22 and R-49 insulation in the attic.

Check your location on the climate chart below (courtesy of the Department of Energy):

Now check your zone on the DOE chart below. These are the RECOMMENDED levels of insulation based on climate and fuel costs. These values may not be the same as local building codes.

In Texas, the majority of homes should be insulated to an R-38 as a minimum. For those with ruler in hand, this means about 13.5″ of insulation, depending on the exact product.